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  • Cyprus 85, GEORGIOU A, GROUND FLOUR, SHOP 2 4048, POTAMOS GERMASOGEIAS Limassol, Cyprus 4048
    +357 97 653875

Laser rejuvenation (grinding)

Laser rejuvenation (grinding)

Non-surgical skin rejuvenation is a modern, most demanded and quite competitive segment of aesthetic medicine, partially capable of replacing even plastic surgery. The very concept of "rejuvenation" includes activities aimed at improving the aesthetic appearance.

Today, the most popular procedure is laser rejuvenation. The slogan "laser rejuvenation" itself includes many different methodological approaches. With regard to the effect on the epidermis, they can be divided into ablative and non-ablative, solid and fractional. If the applied laser radiation damages the epidermis, this technique is referred to as ablative. If a special technical device is used to separate a continuous laser beam into sections (fractions), this effect is called fractional. Accordingly, technologies can be: non-ablative fractional, ablative fractional, ablative solid (grinding, peeling) and non-ablative solid.

Fractional laser skin resurfacing

With fractional laser rejuvenation of the facial skin, the laser beam removes only fragments (columns) of the skin without affecting the surrounding tissues - this makes it possible to achieve a deeper effect of the laser and achieve the highest possible effect of remodeling (restoration) of collagen in damaged and healthy cells.

The presence of adjacent areas that are not exposed to the beam allows the skin to recover quickly after the session, which makes the method of fractional skin rejuvenation the safest and most effective. With fractional laser rejuvenation, the rehabilitation period is significantly reduced.



Fractional laser resurfacing can be deep in effect (removal of old scars, colloidal scars, visible stretch marks, deep wrinkles, mouth wrinkles and crow's feet), and superficial (elimination of expression lines, pigmentation and getting rid of tired skin).


10 days after the 1st procedure

Laser resurfacing at Lady Aesthetic is:

  • High-performance laser Harmony XL PRO (Alma Lasers, Israel). The effect of the iPixel Er: YAG 2940nm module is visible after the first procedure;
  • Quality. Harmony XL PRO laser is FDA certified, which confirms the effectiveness of its use in treatment;
  • Registered in Cyprus;
  • A short rehabilitation period. Redness and swelling in the laser affected area disappears in just 2-4 days;
  • Speed ​​and comfort. The procedure is quick, and no special preparations are required before starting;
  • Free consultation with a cosmetologist who selects an individual treatment program.

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