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  • Cyprus 85, GEORGIOU A, GROUND FLOUR, SHOP 2 4048, POTAMOS GERMASOGEIAS Limassol, Cyprus 4048
    +357 97 653875

Laser treatment of Psoriasis and Vitiligo

Laser treatment of Psoriasis and Vitiligo

n the treatment of psoriasis and vitiligov in the clinic "Lady Aesthetic", a device is used that produces UV-B rays in the range of 300-320 nm. In this range of the UV spectrum, a unique relationship between the effectiveness and safety of therapy is observed. This is the first development in the world that does not have a light guide, which makes it possible to more accurately deliver energy to the lesion. At the same time, excimer systems and lasers allow you to direct the laser to damaged areas of the skin. Thus, the effect is not carried out on the whole body (healthy skin is not exposed to UV radiation). We use a unique apparatus.



Harmony XL (Alma Lasers, Israel) –  UVB 300-320 Tecnology






It all depends on the factor that caused vitiligo, and this may be a consequence of dysfunction of the endocrine, immune systems, or an imbalance of some metabolic processes. Thus, the danger comes both from the factor that caused vitiligo and from the disappearance of one of the skin's protective barriers, which is the melanin pigment. Timely identification and elimination of the cause will not only prevent an increase in the existing and the appearance of new areas of depigmentation, but will also prevent the development of more serious diseases, which may be a harbinger of vitiligo. Vitiligo is currently classified into localized and generalized forms.

The localized form of vitiligo, in turn, is subdivided into:

- focal shape (one or more spots in one area);

- segmental form (rash along the nerve or its plexuses);

- zosteriform form (many small grouped spots in one area);

- mucous membrane (if only the mucous membranes are affected).

The generalized form of vitiligo is subdivided into:

- acrocephalic form (damage to the hands, feet, face);

- vulgar or common (multiple, randomly scattered spots);

- mixed (a combination of all or many of the listed forms);

- universal (complete or almost complete depigmentation of the skin).

Clinically, vitiligo is classified according to the degree of activity of the pathological process into:
- stationary and progressive stages of vitiligo.
According to the localization of depigmented spots, the following forms are distinguished:
Localized form:

- limited vitiligo (one or more spots located in one area);

- segmental vitiligo (a spot or a group of spots located along the nerve, on one side of the body, within one dermatome);

- vitiligo of the mucous membranes (more common in people of the Negroid race).

Generalized form:

- vulgar vitiligo (spots located in two or more areas of the body);

- acrocephalic vitiligo (lips, skin around the mouth, fingertips, nipples, glans are affected);

- universal vitiligo (complete or almost complete (more than 80%) depigmentation of the skin).

Depigmentation foci in vitiligo can exist for years without changing, but more often the pathological process on the skin progresses, accompanied by an increase in the size of the spot, the merging of old foci and the appearance of new ones.
The course of the pathological process is characterized as:

- stable (the appeared white spot remains unchanged for many years);

- progressive (the process of depigmentation is constantly progressing slowly or quickly);

- unstable (part of the white spots increases, while the other part of them may regress).



Фототерапия псориаза и витилиго (до 50 импульсов) / Phototherapy for psoriasis and vitiligo (up to 50 pulses)
Фототерапия (до 100 импульсов) / Phototherapy (up to 100 pulses)
Фототерапия (100-150 импульсов) / Phototherapy (100-150 pulses)
Каждые последующие 50 импульсов / Every subsequent 50 pulses

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