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  • Cyprus 85, GEORGIOU A, GROUND FLOUR, SHOP 2 4048, POTAMOS GERMASOGEIAS Limassol, Cyprus 4048
    +357 97 653875

Laser Facial Hair Removal

Laser Facial Hair Removal

Many women are faced with such an unpleasant problem as facial hair. Quite often, hair begins to grow due to age-related or hormonal changes in the body. Removing excess facial hair is one of the most demanded services in cosmetology.

Trying to get rid of facial hair on your own using tweezers, a razor or depilatory cream will not lead to anything good. Plucking hair with tweezers is painful and very long, and depilatory creams often cause rashes and spoil the skin, and after shaving, hard and prickly stubble appears on the face. In addition, all these methods give only a short-term effect.

We offer the most modern, fast and safe method of solving the problem - laser hair removal on the face.

Pros of laser facial hair removal:

  • the procedure is completely painless and safe;

  • after it there are no ingrown hairs;

  • there is no irritation and allergic reactions on the skin;

  • laser facial hair removal is carried out in a comfortable environment for the client.

Equipment for laser hair removal

Our center for laser cosmetology "Lady Estetik" (Limassol) uses the latest generation laser Soprano ICE Platinum / Soprano ICE Titanium. This laser is recognized worldwide as the most effective and safest hair removal equipment.

The latest generation diode lasers are the only ones that can remove hair from any type of skin, even very dark skin. Facial hair removal with the "Alma Lasers" laser gives results that exceed the effectiveness of other similar equipment several times.

The diode laser is designed for epilation on the skin of all 4 phototypes, including dark skin.

The essence of the laser hair removal method

Hair removal on the face is carried out due to the fact that the laser beam affects the structures responsible for hair growth.

The laser energy does not harm the surrounding tissues, since the diode laser is equipped with sapphire optics that protect the skin from thermal effects. That is why the procedure is absolutely painless.

Results of laser facial hair removal:

  • after the first session, from 15% to 40% of unwanted hair disappears;

  • after the first procedure, ingrown hairs are removed;

  • irritation and blackheads left on the skin after shaving disappear;

  • the face becomes velvety and smooth.

Contraindications for laser hair removal:

  • somatic skin diseases;

  • diabetes mellitus (decompensation stage);

  • pregnancy;

  • period of breastfeeding;

  • taking tetracycline antibiotics;

  • oncological diseases;

  • gray, light and vellus hair is not removed.

Indications for laser hair removal:

  • the growth of unwanted facial hair;

  • the presence of ingrown hair;

  • blackheads and irritation after shaving.

Preparing for the procedure

2 weeks before epilation, you must not:

  • sunbathe;
  • take tetracycline antibiotics;
  • pluck hair in the area of future hair removal.

For 3 days before the procedure, do not wipe the epilation area with products containing alcohol.

4-8 hours before the procedure, you must carefully shave the area to be epilated.

Regime after laser hair removal

3 days after the procedure, you must not:

  • wipe the epilation area with alcohol-containing substances;

  • visit baths and saunas;

  • take a hot bath;

  • visit the pool with chlorinated water.

Do not tan for 2 weeks after epilation.

Number of treatments

The number of laser facial hair removal sessions for each client is determined individually. On average, complete hair removal requires a course of 4 to 8 procedures. It is required to take breaks between procedures: after the first session there is a break of 4-6 weeks, after the second - 6-8 weeks, with each next procedure the interval between sessions increases by 2 weeks. Due to the long intervals between sessions, even the minimum course of laser hair removal lasts about a year.

Rehabilitation period

After the end of the epilation session, slight redness may remain on the skin, which disappears without any unpleasant sensations after a few hours. It is not recommended to sunbathe for 2 weeks, as the skin is very sensitive to the sun at this time. If facial hair removal with a laser is carried out during the active sun period, you should definitely use a sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 35 SPF.

By visiting our center in Limassol, specializing in classical and laser cosmetology, you will find yourself in the hands of real professionals! You will forever forget about ingrown hairs, irritation on the skin and razors after the first session of laser hair removal. In our Cosmetology Center, qualified personnel, the most advanced equipment and an affordable price for services await you.

The use of a laser is completely harmless. The beam penetrates the skin by 4 mm and scatters, affecting exclusively the hair follicle.

Lady Estetik - laser hair removal and cosmetology for your health and beauty!

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