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  • Cyprus 85, GEORGIOU A, GROUND FLOUR, SHOP 2 4048, POTAMOS GERMASOGEIAS Limassol, Cyprus 4048
    +357 97 653875

Laser Hair Removal for Legs

Laser Hair Removal for Legs

Removing leg hair takes a lot of time and diligence, but with the advent of new technologies, not only do it harmlessly and painlessly, but also slow down hair growth as much as possible. Our clinic in Limassol uses the most modern equipment for laser hair removal on legs, produced by the Israeli Almalasers - Soprano ICE Titanium, Soprano ICE Platinum which is the best device that exists today.

Almalasers allows laser hair removal of the legs over their entire surface, without limiting the area of exposure. This method is exclusively suitable for the removal of ingrown hairs, but this is far from the only advantage of laser hair removal.

Benefits of laser epilation:

  • after the first session, you will lose up to 40% of unwanted hair and forget about the problem of ingrown hairs;
  • there will be no more blackheads and shaving irritation;
  • you will enjoy your beautiful and smooth skin.

Laser hair removal of legs is contraindicated:

  • people with diabetes mellitus in the stage of decompensation;
  • those who take tetracycline antibiotics;
  • suffering from somatic skin diseases;
  • women expecting or nursing a baby;
  • people with cancer.

Please note that existing technology does not allow to remove light, gray and vellus hair

Laser hair removal of legs is indicated for those who have:

  • there are leg hair that you want to get rid of;
  • there is a problem of ingrown hair;
  • suffering from irritation and blackheads on the skin from using a razor.

How to prepare for laser hair epilation

There are some rules to follow. In particular, two weeks before the session, one should not sunbathe, pull out hair and take tetracycline antibiotics. Three days before the procedure, it is not recommended to wipe the skin with alcohol, and four to eight hours before the procedure, the hair removal zone must be shaved.

After epilation

Within three days, we recommend following these recommendations: do not take a bath with hot water, do not wipe your skin with alcohol, do not go to the pool (since there is chlorinated water), sauna, bath. In addition, it is advisable to protect the skin from direct sunlight for 2 weeks.

How long it takes

Laser hair removal of legs is an individual procedure, therefore, the number of sessions for you will be selected by a specialist individually. On average, four to eight procedures are required. In order for the skin to rest, a pause of several weeks is made between sessions, and after each session this pause increases, so the full course is about a year.

Period of rehabilitation

There are times when after the session the skin turns slightly red, but this is completely safe and goes away after a couple of hours. Sun exposure can cause problems, so take care of a sun protection cream (SPF 35 or more) if you do your treatments on days of high solar activity.

When you turn to the Lady Estetik laser medicine center in Limassol, you trust the professionals who specialize in laser and traditional cosmetology, who use high-quality modern technology. You will forget about problems with irritated skin, ingrown hairs, you will no longer have to suffer with a razor and wax!


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