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  • Cyprus 85, GEORGIOU A, GROUND FLOUR, SHOP 2 4048, POTAMOS GERMASOGEIAS Limassol, Cyprus 4048
    +357 97 653875

Laser Hair Removal for Back and Abdomen

Laser Hair Removal for Back and Abdomen

The back, chest, white line of the abdomen - areas where hair, even a small amount of hairline looks out of place, can produce a repulsive impression, and in some cases is the cause of an unpleasant odor.

If until recently it was believed that the removal of unwanted hair in these areas is an exclusively female occupation, today many men willingly turn to beauty salons and clinics to get rid of hair in the chest, back and sacral area. And it is not by chance that they choose laser hair removal for the back and abdomen, which, especially for men, has a whole list of advantages:

  • maximum efficiency and uniform result when removing coarse black hair, which cannot be handled by other methods of hair removal;
  • the short duration of the procedure, which lasts up to 1 hour maximum, depending on the area of ​​the treated area;
  • lack of persistent irritation and damage to the skin;
  • painlessness of the method in comparison with other existing ones;

Women with delicate and sensitive skin, especially in such non-standard areas as the abdomen, nipple halos and decollete, also prefer laser hair removal to all types of hair removal, thanks to which all unwanted hair is removed very carefully and completely painlessly.

Modern equipment

In our salon, for laser hair removal, we use a laser Soprano ICE Platinum / Soprano ICE Titanium produced by the Israeli Almalasers, which is currently considered the gold standard for hair removal, the safest and most effective cosmetology equipment in the world.

Only such laser systems can remove hair on any type of skin, including the dark skin itself. This equipment belongs to the highest class, since its efficiency on any skin phototype is several times higher than all other types of laser systems.

Laser hair removal: the essence of the method

Hair removal during laser hair removal occurs due to the action of laser energy on those hair structures that are responsible for their growth. Thanks to sapphire optics, the laser energy prevents thermal effects on the skin and does not damage tissues, and the procedure itself does not cause painful sensations. A harmless laser penetrates the skin by no more than 4 mm and is immediately scattered.

The effectiveness of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal has the highest efficiency in hair removal, which is manifested by the following features:

  • removal of 15-40% of unwanted hair after the first procedure;
  • the absence of ingrown hairs, blackheads and skin irritation after the procedure, often observed after shaving and other methods of hair removal;
  • the skin becomes extraordinarily smooth and velvety.


The use of laser hair removal is not recommended for:

  • diabetes mellitus in the stage of decompensation;
  • taking various antibiotics of the tetracycline series;
  • somatic skin diseases;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • oncological diseases;
  • the presence of light, gray and vellus hair (not removing).

Indications for use

The use of laser hair removal is recommended for:

  • the presence of unwanted hair on the face and body;
  • the presence of ingrown hair and a tendency to this process;
  • prone to skin irritation after shaving;
  • black dots on the skin remaining after shaving.

How to prepare for epilation

To get the best result from laser hair removal, you must adhere to the following recommendations before the procedure:

  • do not sunbathe in the sun or in a solarium 2 weeks before the procedure;
  • do not pull out the hair in the area of ​​the intended exposure to the laser 2 weeks before the procedure;
  • do not treat the epilated skin area with alcohol-containing products 3 days before the procedure;
  • do not take antibiotics related to the tetracycline series 2 weeks before the procedure;
  • shave the epilation area thoroughly 4-8 hours before the procedure.

Recommendations for the post-procedural period

В течение некоторого времени после процедуры следует избегать следующих действий:

  • do not sunbathe - 2 weeks;
  • do not take a hot bath - 3 days;
  • do not visit the pool with chlorinated water - 3 days;
  • refuse to visit the bath and sauna for 3 days;
  • do not use alcohol-based care products in the epilation area - 3 days.

Duration of the course

The number of procedures required for effective laser hair removal is determined on a case-by-case basis. Most often, you need from 4 to 8 sessions, the interval between which is:

  • 4-6 weeks - between the first and second procedures;
  • 6-8 weeks - after the second.

Further, this interval is increased by two weeks with each subsequent session. Due to such long breaks, the duration of the minimum course can be up to 12 months.

Rehabilitation period

Immediately after the end of the laser hair removal session, there may be a slight reddening of the skin of the treated area, which disappears after a few hours. The patient does not experience any discomfort, but his skin will be sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, it is not recommended to sunbathe for another 2 weeks after the session. If the procedure coincided with a period of active sun, then it is necessary to apply sunscreen (with a protection factor of 35 SPF) to the skin before going outside.

Why is it better with us

The Center for Laser Medicine Lady Estetik in Limassol has modern laser equipment, and its highly qualified specialists have extensive experience in providing services to the population, the price of which is quite affordable.

After the first procedure, you will forget about such unpleasant phenomena as irritation, blackheads and ingrown hairs. Shaving razors and painful waxing are a thing of the past!

Lady Estetik - laser hair removal and cosmetology for your health and beauty!

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