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  • Cyprus 85, GEORGIOU A, GROUND FLOUR, SHOP 2 4048, POTAMOS GERMASOGEIAS Limassol, Cyprus 4048
    +357 97 653875



In 2001, an extremely effective method of skin rejuvenation was discovered in Italy - biorevitalization. His essence is well conveyed by the translation of this word from the Greek language - "a revival in a natural way". From a medical point of view, biorevitalization is a method of rejuvenating the skin with injections of hyaluronic acid. It is the key component of the metabolism in the skin, fulfilling the system-forming role in its renewal. Injections of hyaluronic acid give not only an impressive, but also a permanent effect of rejuvenating the skin of the face, neck, décolleté zone and any other parts of the body. Moreover, the external effect after biorevitalization is only intensified, as the skin's own health is restored.
How the method of biorevitalization works.

The main cause of skin aging is the lack of hyaluronic acid, which ceases to be produced in people over 25 years of age. As a result, the metabolism in the skin goes worse, and it becomes vulnerable to negative external influences, loses its protective properties and becomes less elastic. As a result, wrinkles, dryness and flabbiness appear. Creams containing hyaluronic acid affect only the upper layer of the skin. This is due to the fact that this substance has a large molecular mass and is unable to overcome the epidermal barrier to penetrate deep enough. Biorevitalization solves this problem due to the fact that hyaluronic acid is injected, and its cell-acting volume is an order of magnitude higher. As a result, almost instantly the skin becomes more elastic and moisturized, and its protective properties are gradually restored.

Who is appointed biorevitalization

Subcutaneous hyaluronic acid injections are an excellent remedy for premature skin aging, which is caused by both age and other factors - excessive insolation, stress, smoking, and the like. First of all, biorevitalization restores the skin's water balance, and also stimulates its physiological regeneration. In addition, the procedure contributes to detoxification of the dermis and strengthening of hair follicles, and produces not a momentary but a long-term effect. Thus, it can be prescribed to almost everyone who seriously monitors the health of their skin and wishes to prolong its youth. There are a number of important effects produced by biorevitalization:

- Correction of fine wrinkles;
- elimination of signs of aging caused by ultraviolet radiation;
- leveling of the skin relief;
- elimination of age-related changes;
- restoration of elasticity, tone and healthy skin color;
- moisturizing the skin and creating a water reserve.

How biorevitalization is carried out

The course of treatment, as a rule, consists of four procedures, the effect of which stays firm from six months to nine months. In the absence of contraindications, the patient is sent to a special office where the make-up is performed and local anesthesia is performed at the request of the client. At strictly designated points, the doctor makes injections with safe certified medications (most often IAL-system ACP, Restylane Vital, IAL-sysem and Otihyal). All this takes no more than 50 minutes. Such manipulations are repeated after 2-3 weeks a certain number of times, based on the course of treatment.

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