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  • Cyprus 85, GEORGIOU A, GROUND FLOUR, SHOP 2 4048, POTAMOS GERMASOGEIAS Limassol, Cyprus 4048
    +357 97 653875

Laser removal of vessels and vascular asterisks

Laser removal of vessels and vascular asterisks

In our clinic, for each type of vascular neoplasm, a corresponding laser or device is used that selectively affects the vessel. We use the most innovative laser in the world market Harmony XL PRO (Alma Lasers, Israel).

The 1064 nmLPNd: YAG laser module coagulates and destroys large, deep blood vessels and veins in the legs without the use of chemicals or needles.This easy-to-use, ergonomic module efficiently coagulates oxygenated reddish telangiectases as well as deoxygenated bluish veins up to 4 reticulum diameters mm.
Before the procedure 10 days after the procedure

In the treatment of rosacea (accumulation of dilated capillaries) when it is impossible to visualize the vessel, the treatment is carried out using AFT technology or Dye-VL technology.

After laser treatment of the vessels, the patient can return to the usual rhythm of life within an hour. Anesthesia is not required. There is a slight discomfort that lasts for a moment. In rare cases, an anesthetic ointment is used. The duration of the procedure is approximately 10-20 minutes.

To achieve the result, you may need from one to 5 procedures (on average 2-3), it all depends on the size of the defect, localization, duration of existence, skin color.

Before the procedure Immediately after the procedure
Advanced Pulsed Light Technology - Dye-VL, the next generation of patented AFT technology - a new series of narrow spectrum pulsed nozzles. First Narrow Band Spectrum - The patented AFT technology is a more advanced type of IPL with an equidistant pulse, resulting in optimal energy delivery.
Dye-VL takes AFT technology to the next level, introducing the world's first narrow band spectrum to customers. Narrow Dye-VL delivers only the optimal spectrum for a specific treatment. The action of the narrow spectrum tip on the skin produces visible results without the use of high wavelengths, which can lead to side effects.
Advantages of laser in narrow beam pulse technology - Dye-VL is the only handpiece on the medical market that has a fluence of up to 25 J / cm², thus allowing you to work on areas with severe skin disorders. Dye-VL expands treatment options by working on vascular and pigmented disorders without limiting work on small blood vessels. This extended power, combined with the correct thermo-relaxation time, makes the Dye-VL tip as effective as laser treatment, including safety, versatility and cost.
Before the procedure 1 month after 3 procedures
Benefits of Dye-VL Technology:
  • Targeting: the filter emits an accurate spectrum;
  • Clinically Proven: Tested by Certified Dermatologists;
  • Safety: Blocking the spectrum, which can lead to side effects;
  • Wide range of applications; Usage: on the body, face and neck;
  • Power: clinical ability to induce purpura;
  • Single spectrum: nozzle with a single spectrum of pulsed light;
  • Comfort: The thermal relaxation time period allows intensive treatment.


Время процедуры (Procedure time)
Наименование (Name)
Цена евро / Price Euro
Лазерное удаление сосудов 1064 LPND:YAG / Laser vascular removal 1064 LPND: YAG
Удаление сосудистых звездочек YAG / YAG spider veins removal
Удаление сосудов на ногах (1кв.см) / Removal of vessels on the legs (
Удаление сосудов гемангиом и пигментации модулем Dye-VL / Removal of blood vessels of hemangiomas and pigmentation with the Dye-VL module
Удаление сосудов Dye-VL 1имп. 1кв.см / Removal of vessels Dye-VL 1imp.
Удаление сосудистых звездочек Dye-VL свыше 2 имп. / Removal of spider veins Dye-VL over 2 impulses.
Удаление гемангиом до 3 мм / Removal of hemangiomas up to 3 mm
Удаление гемангиом 3-5 мм / Removal of hemangiomas 3-5 mm
Удаление гемангиом 5 мм / Removal of hemangiomas 5 mm
Удаление гемангиом до 1 см / Removal of hemangiomas up to 1 cm
Удаление пингментных пятен эрбиевым лазером 1 шт. до 5 мм / Removal of pingement spots with erbium laser 1 pc. up to 5 mm
Удаление пингментных пятен эрбиевым лазером 1 шт. от 5 мм до 1 см / Removal of pingement spots with erbium laser 1 pc. from 5 mm to 1 cm

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